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Goat's Notes is a group of six young, highly professional, well educated musicians from Moscow. Free jazz and improvisation remain one of the main features of their music making. Nevertheless, their music has been inspired by the ethno-jazz-rock-folk-avant-garde scene of Moscow. They are something like a Russian version of Zappa's "Mothers of Invention."

This is music without borders. It seems that when the group gets on stage to perform the most important thing for these musicians is to surprise themselves.

Architect, Moscow College of Improvised Music alumnus, pianist and leader of Lampa Ladino, a band that earranges Judeo-Spanish songs in a variety of styles. Pianist with Ensemble Priot. Plays blues with Jumping Cats and Dr. Nick. Took part in New School For Jazz And Contemporary Music workshops in Italy, has played with Eyal Maoz, William Parker, John Nemeth, J.P. Jones, Dave Douglas, Omer Avital, Stefano Battaglia, Michael Blake. Award for contribution to Literature and Arts in 1999.






Maimonid Academy in Moscow, classical double bass player, cofounder of the SounDrama theater company that has famously represented Russia at numerous theater festivals in Europe. Writes music for movies, theater productions, and also acts. Has played with Jan Bederman Intuitive Music Orchestra and Hel Kugel. 

Currently lives in France and collaborates with the Trois Sentiers theater company and l’Encyclopedie de la Parole. Created sound for shows presented in Festival d’Automne, Paris.

The Gnesins College of Music, classical violinist, then the Consort jazz college. Has played with Yury Chugunov’s big band, Jason Webley, Rowan Tower. Plays violin and keyboards and sings with the experimental Exit Project and collaborates with the rock band, HZ.

An all-round musician with experience in a variety of genres from modern classical to jazz. Has recorded with numerous Moscow bands as a session violinist.



The Gnesins State Academy of Music, jazz trombonist. Member of the Jazz Dance Orchestra, well-known to frequenters of Moscow clubs. Has played in the famous Russian big bands that were formed in Soviet times, dozens of years ago: the Anatoly Kroll Orchestra, the Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra. Guest musician (in concert and in studio) with smooth jazz bands and pop projects, notably with Kvartal. Explores the musical possibilities of electronics and plays solo.





The Gnesins State Academy of Music, jazz drummer. Leader of Ensemble Priot, a band that fuses vocal jazz and electronic music. Has played with an incredible number of jazz musicians from all over the world including Paul Winter, Jerry Bergonzi, Christian McBride, Walter Smith III, Jimmy Heath, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, Maciej Kocinski, Eyal Maoz, Peter Beets, Amy Banks, Juliet Kelly, Jackie Jones, Paulette McWilliams, members of the Dave Brubeck Academy. Also works in theater productions.

Moscow State University, linguist. Moscow College of Improvised Music, clarinetist. Plays and records full-time with Mishouris Blues Band since 2008. Has played with Cheese People, Jazzator, Lampa Ladino and Karl Khlamkin. Also sings and plays guitar in rock projects based around his own songs, fronted several bands before going solo in 2012.

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